Monday, 9 April 2012

New Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Hands-on Tutorial Book

Implement Oracle Business Intelligence (Volume I)


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Learn how to dig intelligence from the data mine to take informed decisions using Oracle BIEE

Analyze the Past – Streamline the Present – Control the Future

In today's fast paced technology-driven world, successful businesses depend heavily on driving intelligent decisions based on latest information. More informed decisions mean more revenue, less risk, decreased cost, and improved operational control. Up-to-date, secure, and highly visual information is an obligatory in the modern business world to make faster and smarter decisions.

Oracle Business Intelligence helps top management and department heads to harness the advantage of change to create competitive advantages, achieve corporate objectives, and make better and quicker decisions. It delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities that span ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP analysis, interactive dashboards, scorecards, reporting, proactive intelligence and alerts, mobile analytics, and more.

This book is aimed at giving you insights into running your organization in a more intelligent fashion. It not only presents the BI concepts, but also guides you to implement Oracle Business Intelligence using real world scenarios. It covers:
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Introduction
  • BI Environment setup
  • Practical scenarios to answer business questions using Interactive Dashboards, Analyses, Tables, Pivot Tables, Graphs and many more BI tools.
  • Automatic conditional Content Delivery using Agent and Alert features
  • Performance Management using KPI and Scorecard
  • Create professional reports in BI Publisher

Oracle Business Intelligence increases speed-to-insight by enabling comparisons of historical, real time, and forward looking information. It thus provides the highest value and lowest TCO than any other BI solution available today. Click here to see what this book covers!

Available in Color and B/W at:

              ISBN: 978-1475135510

     B/W :
              ISBN: 978-1475122015


Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Oracle Application Express (APEX) Book for Beginners

Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express (APEX)


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A practical guide for novice and intermediate users to rapidly develop professional web applications.

In this fast paced technological age, where things change rapidly, no one has the time to go through lengthy concept books just to assess what the technology has for them. As an IT professional, I too prefer concise practical books that do not take long to understand the features offered by the new technology.

As a strong supporter of practical stuff, I have endeavored to write this book on Oracle Application Express. In this book, I am sharing my personal APEX learning experience that I got by developing a clone of the sample application provided with Oracle Application Express. This book will walk you through to create a professional looking web-based database application. A great starting point for novice and equally beneficial for intermediate users, this book will allow users to practically explore Oracle Application Express (APEX) themselves. Besides creation of individual application pages, this book will demonstrate many professional techniques, summarized at the end of each chapter, to apply them to your own projects.

Leaving out the boring bits, this book emphasizes on the inspiring and realistic example from the first chapter and provides guidance in the following areas to make it a one-stop solution:
  • APEX introduction
  • Create APEX development environment
  • Create a professional looking web-based database application in APEX
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Application deployment
  • Access the application, remotely and in LAN
If you really want to know what APEX is, try the practical stuff provided in this book and become an APEX fan. I hope this to be the best practical book on Oracle Application Express. Click here to see what this book covers!

Available in color and b/w versions at:
              ISBN: 978-1469999364

             ISBN: 978-1466350656


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Customers' Comments

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